My Microponic Indoor Farm


SITUATION / Motivation

"Where does our food come from,
by whom and how was it produced?"

Often, our foods have come a long way before it gets on our plates.
This is associated with numerous problems: loss of freshness and nutrients, as well as a high ecological footprint through production and transport.

Many people have already lost touch to real cultivation of their food.

We are developing a green oasis that makes it possible to produce healthy and fresh food easily.

For this we use the innovative principle of aquaponics.

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Aquaponic as a Solution

Aquaponics combines the cultivation of fish with the cultivation of plants.
In an aquaponic system, a synergy is created between fish, microorganisms and plants.

The nutrient-rich water of the fish is used as fertilizer additive for the plants.
The plants absorb the nutrients and thus purify the water.
With aquaponics, the water requirement can be reduced by up to 90% (compared to conventional agriculture).
Due to the reduced use of fertilizers, aquaponics is one of the most resource-conserving cultivation methods.


The Greenhub Project

The Greenhub team is developing an innovative indoor aquaponic solution (Microponic). A perfect synthesis of ecology and technology.

It is our goal to create a green oasis, for restaurants, the private household, or as an interdisciplinary learning platform for schools.

The Greenhub provides you with year-round fresh, tasty and pesticide-free vegetables and herbs.
The growth of the plants can be monitored and adjusted at any time via smartphone or tablet.

With the Greenhub you can take your food supply back into your own hands.
The integrated nutrient and light programs ensure healthy growth and full flavor.


The organic garden in your living room. Grow healthy and fresh food
simply yourself.